LEAN Energy US | Board of Directors
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Dan Douglass, Esq., Principal, Douglass & Liddell, PC

Dan specializes in energy law issues, serving producers, marketers and end-users in the electricity, natural gas and independent power industries. He has been a champion for CCA on behalf of Marin Energy Authority and others at the California Public Utilities Commission, where IOU anti-competitive activities are a persistent point of vigilance. His specialty is regulatory and transactional work for energy service providers, generation owners, community choice aggregators and large consumers of electricity and natural gas.

Dan represents and helped found the Alliance for Retail Energy Markets, Direct Access Customer Coalition and Western Power Trading Forum. He has spent more than a third of his early career in energy industry management positions with utility, pipeline, gas, marketing and independent power companies. He holds a J.D., an M.B.A. and an undergraduate degree in political science, all from the University of California at Los Angeles.

John Kelly, PEER Program, U.S. Green Building Council

At IPP Connect, John Kelly provides expert consulting services to help customers build concept designs, the business case, and policy framework for investment in sustainable electricity systems. IPP Connect authored an electricity design and rating system called Performance Excellence in Electricity Renewal (PEER). Just as LEED improved the ability to compare the relative sustainability of buildings, PEER provides a common design, performance, and verification methodology for the electricity sector that scales to grids of all sizes. Mr. Kelly and his team at IPP Connect have created tools and guides for leveraging PEER to determine project feasibility and mitigate risks (financial, performance, environmental, and fuel costs).

Mr. Kelly worked with industry leaders for the past decade to research and create innovative approaches to building sustainable electricity systems. This includes developing utility and campus scale micro-grid designs and prototypes that demonstrate the art-of-the-possible in terms of consumer requirements for cost-efficiency, conservation, environmental protection, and reliability. It also includes researching and creating innovative state electricity policy best practices for accelerating utility and private sector investment.

Mr. Kelly provided consulting services to the electric and natural gas industries for 30 years; focusing the past decade on developing innovative sustainable energy plans and designs for cities, large multiuse developments, and commercial buildings. This included authoring numerous research papers on energy technology, electricity reliability, markets, pricing, smart grid cost/benefit and state policy reform best practices.

Mr. Kelly holds a B.S. in energy engineering and completed studies in electricity restructuring, and environmental engineering. He is a founder of the National Energy Center for Sustainable Communities (www.necsc.us) and is also one of the founders and past treasurer of the Midwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (www.mwalliance.org).

He is the Chairman of LEAN Energy’s Board of Directors, and a beacon of knowledge.

To a large degree, John’s career path was guided by the fact that both his children have asthma, and are deeply affected by poor air quality. For decades he’s been working to create a more sustainable and cleaner energy system—really reducing the toxins and particulate matter in power emissions—by focusing on outcomes rather than technology.


Jeffrey Shields, Retired General Manager, South San Joaquin irrigation District and Board Member, The Utility Reform Network (Treasurer)

Before becoming SSJID General Manager in 2004, Jeff was a consultant on electric utility asset acquisitions, transmission permitting, and wind generation projects in the Pacific Northwest. Since 1982, he has been involved in the formation and expansion of six community-owned electric utilities and has managed water and electric utilities in California and Oregon. Jeff has served on the board of the Northwest Public Power Council, the Northwest Energy Coalition, the California-Oregon Transmission Project, the California Special Districts Risk Management Authority, and the American Samoa Power Authority.

Jeff currently serves as Treasurer of the Board for The Utility Reform Network (TURN). A graduate of California State University, Humboldt, Jeff is the recipient of American Public Power Association’s Hobart Award, the Northwest Energy Coalition’s Headwaters Award, and the California Public/Private Venture Council’s “Best and Brightest” award.

Shawn Marshall, Co-founder and Executive Director, LEAN Energy US

Shawn is the founder and Executive Director of LEAN Energy US (Local Energy Aggregation Network), a non-profit membership organization that exists to support the expansion of clean energy community choice aggregation (CCA)[1] nationwide. LEAN serves as a hub for CCA resources and expertise and works in partnership with a range of organizations to actively support CCA formation around the country. Recent work has focused in the states of California, New Jersey, and Illinois.

In 2007, Shawn served on the task force that ultimately became the Marin Energy Authority (MEA), a joint powers agency that runs the first CCA in California and the first clean energy CCA in the country. MEA, now called Marin Clean Energy, serves a customer base of over 100,000 accounts in Marin and the City of Richmond with a range of 50%-100% renewable energy. From 2009-January 2012, Shawn served as MEA’s founding Vice Chair, and she remains active in their efforts.

In addition to her work in the CCA field, Shawn served two terms on the Mill Valley City Council, as Mayor in 2008 and Vice Mayor in 2013.  Prior to elected life, Shawn worked in public policy in Washington DC, ran her own consulting firm, and held management positions at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. She holds a BA from the University of CA at Davis and received additional training at the Federal Reserve Board of Governors in Washington DC.