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CCA is delivering immediate and significant progress on previously intractable energy challenges.

That is why supporting LEAN’s work matters so much.

In today’s shifting political climate, the need for local clean energy models that actually work is greater than ever before. We need all hands on deck to keep the momentum going. We need your support!

In California, we’ve helped bring Community Choice to every corner of the state. In 2010 there was only one CCA. Today, there are twenty operational CCAs serving nearly 3 million customers.  And there are several more on the way. The California Public Utilities Commission estimates that 50% of the State will be served by CCA by 2020 increasing to 85% by 2025.  We are proud to have been an early leader in developing California’s CCA market and proud of the clean energy results these programs are achieving.

We’ve also been working across the nation to expand the opportunity and impact of CCA. In New York, LEAN supported the launch of Westchester Smart Power, which is now serving 22 communities and has paved the way for an additional 40 communities that will start service in 2018/2019.  In the Midwest, LEAN was instrumental in the integration of a clean power option for hundreds of aggregation programs in Illinois and Ohio. While there is more work to do there, we are pleased to see the growth of a clean power option offered by midwest CCA programs.  In 2015, we took the message of Community Choice to the United Nation’s Climate Conference in Paris, and we are now working to expand the CCA model to several new states across the US.

We are glad to report the message is being heard! From Virginia to Nevada, Oregon to Arizona, these are just a few of the States we’re working in to advance the consumer, community, and environmental values of CCA.

For 2018/2019, we are raising funds to support our ongoing work in California and our work to enable clean energy CCA in additional states.  Our work happens on the front lines, before there is program awareness, authorizing legislation or budget allocations.  That’s why we need your financial support.  

Please consider a tax-deductible contribution to LEAN Energy US!  Every dollar matters and we so appreciate your support.

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